Why most people are turning towards self tanning skin products

Everyone today knows that being tanned makes a woman look her best and far more attractive than others. It is no secret that spending too much time under the sun causes wrinkles, aging and several other skin problems. Thus a good self tanning moisturiser can be your probable way out to have a beautiful and healthily tanned skin that all shall envy.
Some tanning products are suitable to be used specifically during winter as with passing of summer sun we tend to lose the natural glow of our skin. Thus these tanning products can help a woman achieve a shade or two darker than her original skin tone with a subtle, healthy glow.
A tanning product with moisturising property is suitable for winter as the skin tends to be drier.

Self tanning products are thus those skin-care products, which interact with the skin, turning it tan. These products are available in various forms, such as- creams, sprays, lotions, gels and mousses. These are called by various names across the globe, and regardless of what you call them, these fundamentally work in the same way.Benefits of these products: If you are new to using these products and want to go slow, then you should give a try to the gradual tanning lotionswhich help in building a darker shade with each application. Most people look prettier with a tan, though that doesn’t mean that using these skin products will make a person ridiculously dark but impart a light layer of healthy tan all over the skin. Now you may be left in utter confusion that if tan is good, then why should someone use a product to get tanned? Our daily dose of sun exposure can cause tan quite naturally. But the concern is of your skin health.

Though virtually everyone may seem to love tan, we all realise that the UV radiation of the sun is dangerous. There are an innumerable number of researches and studies that have shown that the ultra violet rays from the sun as well as tanning beds bring about age spots, premature wrinkling of the skin and sometimes skin cancer also. Thus the best way to make yourself look appealing and keep up the good health of the skin is to use a good quality self tanning moisturiser.There are many other features of these products that you will discover slowly with the continuous use of these moisturisers.

Softening and smoothing the skin:
Rough and dry skin are the most important contributing factors of tan. Thus preparing the skin to withstand the UV rays and a thorough aftercare are needed to make the difference. To help the skin remain moisturised for longer hours, it should be properly exfoliated before the application of a self tanning moisturiser. Exfoliation is particularly useful to slough away the dryness of both the face and the body. These moisturisers normally contain several marine mineral extracts that leave the skin soft and smooth, with collagen intact that helps keeping the tan intact.
Plus the best self tanning lotion contains Dihydroxyacetone, which is more commonly known as DHA. It is a wonderful ingredient that interacts with the amino acids present in the outer layer of the skin causing a golden-brown compound that shades the skin. This is the reason why with the application of a tanning lotion, your skin gets a lovely beautiful bronze tan that enhances your appeal to a great extent.

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