Top Pilates Equipment Every Practitioner Must Use

The fitness industry continues its growth with newer exercise machines making its way into the market. The latest craze comes in the form of vibration exercise machines. It has claimed many benefits and several people had jumped in on the bandwagon. Before you join the bandwagon, find out how vibration machines work and how you can utilize it to its full potential.


How it Works

Vibration machine is a type of exercise platform that generate an oscillating motion. This motion is supposed to generate 30 to 60 times a second. Therefore, you can achieve that same level of intensity to your workout even when you are standing or sitting. The machine basically does the work for you. It is important to know how vibration machines work because there have been a lot of doubts in the market, especially for those who have not tried it yet. Many people consider it as a fad, but those who have tried it can attest to its benefits.

Whole body vibration machines are used for a wide range of exercises such as relaxation, stretching and strengthening. The multi-directional force generated by the oscillating motion is believed to target more muscles than you ever can with traditional exercises or workout equipment.

Health Benefits and Claims

The next big question after knowing how vibration machines work is this: do vibration machines work? As mentioned earlier, a lot of people who might hear about this type of machine for the first time might not buy into its fitness claims. But there have been many proven benefits to using this type of workout machine. Click here for Cardio Tech

The vibrating action generated by the machine’s oscillating motor can stimulate the receptors in the muscles known as muscle spindles. When these receptors are activated, it makes the muscles work harder than normal. When you couple this with other training exercises such as squatting or push up, you can double the benefits that you can get with these workouts than you normally would.

Another claim with the use of vibration machine is that it can target even the smaller muscles that regular exercises can’t. The vibrating effect reaches deep into those muscles so that all muscles are prompted to work, not just the large muscle groups. You can therefore get more fitness and health benefits with this equipment than you would other machines.

Recommended Exercises

The vibration platform available with this machine will enable you to perform a wide range of exercises. The exercises you do will be determined by the fitness benefits that you wish to get. For leg muscle endurance and to strengthen your core, you can perform isometric squat. If you want to improve leg strength and improve balance, you can perform split squats on your vibration platform. Meanwhile, those who would like to target their chest, arms and shoulders can do push-ups. Lastly, perform the isometric bent over rows to develop the muscles in your upper and lower back, legs and arms.

With this information, you would hopefully be able to make an informed choice if this type of workout equipment is what you need.

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