Top Pilates Equipment Every Practitioner Must Use

The fitness industry continues its growth with newer exercise machines making its way into the market. The latest craze comes in the form of vibration exercise machines. It has claimed many benefits and several people had jumped in on the bandwagon. Before you join the bandwagon, find out how vibration machines work and how you can utilize it to its full potential.


How it Works

Vibration machine is a type of exercise platform that generate an oscillating motion. This motion is supposed to generate 30 to 60 times a second. Therefore, you can achieve that same level of intensity to your workout even when you are standing or sitting. The machine basically does the work for you. It is important to know how vibration machines work because there have been a lot of doubts in the market, especially for those who have not tried it yet. Many people consider it as a fad, but those who have tried it can attest to its benefits.

Whole body vibration machines are used for a wide range of exercises such as relaxation, stretching and strengthening. The multi-directional force generated by the oscillating motion is believed to target more muscles than you ever can with traditional exercises or workout equipment.

Health Benefits and Claims

The next big question after knowing how vibration machines work is this: do vibration machines work? As mentioned earlier, a lot of people who might hear about this type of machine for the first time might not buy into its fitness claims. But there have been many proven benefits to using this type of workout machine. Click here for Cardio Tech

The vibrating action generated by the machine’s oscillating motor can stimulate the receptors in the muscles known as muscle spindles. When these receptors are activated, it makes the muscles work harder than normal. When you couple this with other training exercises such as squatting or push up, you can double the benefits that you can get with these workouts than you normally would.

Another claim with the use of vibration machine is that it can target even the smaller muscles that regular exercises can’t. The vibrating effect reaches deep into those muscles so that all muscles are prompted to work, not just the large muscle groups. You can therefore get more fitness and health benefits with this equipment than you would other machines.

Recommended Exercises

The vibration platform available with this machine will enable you to perform a wide range of exercises. The exercises you do will be determined by the fitness benefits that you wish to get. For leg muscle endurance and to strengthen your core, you can perform isometric squat. If you want to improve leg strength and improve balance, you can perform split squats on your vibration platform. Meanwhile, those who would like to target their chest, arms and shoulders can do push-ups. Lastly, perform the isometric bent over rows to develop the muscles in your upper and lower back, legs and arms.

With this information, you would hopefully be able to make an informed choice if this type of workout equipment is what you need.

Top Pilates Equipment Every Practitioner Must Use

Yoga is one of the most popular fitness disciplines that are known to provide outstanding benefits to the physical body and mental health. But pilates is also slowly but surely gaining its recognition, particularly when it comes to the benefits in posture and functionality. If you want to strengthen your core through smooth continuous motion, pilates is for you! In order to maximize its benefits, you need to make use of a pilates equipment.

Get to know some of the must-have pilates equipment to incorporate into your routine:

Resistance Band

This is one of the most basic equipment you can use to perform Pilates exercises. When shopping for Australia pilates equipment, you can also ask for this by using its alternative names such as thera band or flex band. This is a stretchy strip of latex band that is incorporated to add light resistance to your pilates workouts. In addition to providing light resistance, it can also work major muscle groups, improve flexibility and provides a sculpted effect to your key muscles. This equipment is one of the most economical you can invest in and is also highly portable, which is why pilates practitioners always have it with them.

Pilates Barrels

This is another lightweight and portable equipment used for pilates exercises. It is a great equipment to use when exercising on a mat. The barrel, though, is widely used for rehabilitation programs using pilates techniques.

Pilates Ball

This is another common equipment used by pilates practitioners because of its versatility in use. This equipment is used for muscle training as it forces the wrist to remain stable with the weight concentration on your hands. It is also preferred by pilates practitioners over weights because it is easier to grip and use while exercising. The bonus of using pilates ball is that it also strengthen the muscles on your fingers.

pilates equipment

Spine Supporter

This is an important equipment to have when you are doing pilates exercises to ensure that your spine is stable and well supported. It is like the Pilates barrel in reverse and is often called C-shaper. The spine supporter will maximize the amount of work done on your abdominal, lumbar and pelvic muscles without causing unwanted strain to your neck and back. It is also a great equipment to have to prevent injury.

Pilates Reformer

This is the most popular pilates equipment in Australia that you will find in the market. It consists of springs, bars, and straps that allow you to perform various pilates exercises and positions. It is used primarily to improve stability in the core area, as well as aid in proper postural alignment. When exercising with the use of a pilates reformer, you can also increase the range of motion within the peripheral limbs. The comprehensive system of straps, bars, and springs combine to offer versatility in terms of what you can do with this equipment. Some experts say you can perform up to 100 exercises and positions with the use of the pilates reformer.

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Keep Yourself Fit While Staying Safe with these Treadmill Safety Tips

At times, maintaining a jogging routine everyday can be hard to keep. Many external factors can come into play that may disrupt the regular occurrence of your fitness program. Some of these factors can be personal emergencies, work-related difficulties, or even weather problems. This is one of the reasons why walking machines called treadmills became popular. To help people stay in shape when they can’t run outside, there are many gyms and treadmill rental shops that can provide anyone interested with this valuable piece of exercise equipment. If you are located in Australia, it is evident in the numerous gyms and other selections for treadmill hire Melbourne and other cities have – that people are willing to switch to living a healthy lifestyle.


But like any piece of equipment or furniture, treadmills also come with a warning or danger tag. If these equipment are improperly used or the safety precautions are not followed, the use of treadmills might pose a danger instead of a health benefit. Treadmill users can minimize the risk of injuring themselves and other people around them by taking the appropriate steps laid down by the manufacturer of the equipment.

Here are several necessary safety tips to help you minimizing the risk of injury while staying fit with a treadmill:

·         New users of treadmills have a tendency to watch their feet. But what people don’t know is that they will be more likely to lose their balance and fall over the treadmill if they look down or to the sidelines while working out on a treadmill. This can lead to serious injuries caused by the moving treadmill belt or other factors. Also, people using the treadmill have been found out to complain about getting dizzy. This dizziness they experience is also because they tend to look down on their feet while exercising. This is why it is advised to look forward while walking on a treadmill.

·         While getting used to the treadmill’s movement, some people like to hold onto handrails. But you can also strain your elbows and shoulders while doing so. Holding on to the handrails can also dictate that the speed and incline is something higher than what you’re usually comfortable with. When using the treadmill, it is best to run with your arms at the sides and never relying much on the handrails. Click here for Cardio Tech

·         It is a common misconception for first-time runners that one should be on top of the treadmill already before they start the equipment. This can lead to many malfunctions and injuries on both the piece of equipment and the runner. The ideal way to start working out on a treadmill is to start at a slow walking pace then gradually going higher. If the runner plans to sprint, he should start the machine first, then straddle the deck or hop on to it if the timing is right.

·         Despite the machine’s outside appearance, the moving belt has heat and friction on it. The common complaints of the users include blisters, burns and scrapes. This means that when you use a treadmill, you should be wearing the proper running shoes as to avoid this kind of physical harm.

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